The wave itself is a thick grinding left hander, which is surfable on all tides. Cloudbreak is the most consistent wave in the area and can hold small to solid size swells between two to twenty feet. It can offer a day to day variety of perfect, spitting barrels or long playful lines.

There are general sections to the wave, The Point or Top, the Middle and the Inside or Shishkabobs. The first two sections generally offer the more forgiving, rippable waves with the final section offering some nice but shallow barrels.

On the largest of days Cloudbreak can break as one section, starting on a section of reef called the Ledge. Which is actually the outside of the inside section.

Being an open ocean reef break, there is little protection from the wind. However, fortunately Cloudbreak is offshore in the predominant Southeast trade winds.

Cloudbreak:  Depending on its day 3 foot intermediate to 5 foot, 6 feet Plus Expert  surfers 


Restaurants is a perfect left-hander facing the South Pacific, its delicacy means that it only works if the conditions are optimal as the shallow reef is very sensitive to any variation of wind or swell. The best tide is medium to high as this is when the sets are best placed on the reef and the wave reaches its maximum length. Its best height is from 4 to 8 feet, glassy or with light breezes from the east or southeast.​

Restaurants: Depending on its day 3 foot for intermediate and mid to high tide , 4 feet Plus Expert  surfers 

Swimming Pools

On the SE side of Namotu Island while tricky to catch going off, is one of the most fun waves in Fiji. A righthander that has a wide-open face and steep wall make the perfect playground. NW-W winds at mid-high tide works best for this beginner friendly spot. It can even tube when the SW swell gets bigger.

Swimming Pools :  Depending on its day 2 ft  to 4 ft intermedate surfs above experenced surfers 

Namotu Left

A world-class left hand reef break that's more forgiving than its fearsome, more famous neighbour Cloudbreak. Around 6 to 10ft Namotu Left can be the thrill of a lifetime but from two to 6 foot a short board, fish, longboarder or SUPer's paradise., Namotu Left is as legendary in the sailboard and kite surf world as Cloudbreak is in the surfing world

Namotu Left :  Depending on its day 1 to 2 ft Beginners, 2 to  5 ft intermediate, 6 feet Plus Expert  surfers 

Tavarua Rights 

 Tavarua Rights is a rarely surfed right-hander on the back of Tavarua Island. It needs a considerable SW swell and Northerly winds, which is a tough combination to find in Fiji. When the conditions align with a high tide however, it is a very quality set-up for intermediates and above. This wave is super fun.

Tavarua Righs :  Depending on its day 1 to 2 ft Beginners, 2 to  5 ft intermediate, 6 feet Plus Expert  surfers 

Wilks Passage

Wilks  Is a long right-hander on the opposite side of Wilkes Passage from Namotu Island. World class on its day, which is S-SW swell with NE-NW winds. At 1–3 ft Wilkes is very accommodating, over 3 ft, it is recommended for intermediate surfers and above.  Wilks passage can also be quite a fast breaking wave.

Super fun.

Wilks Passage: Depending on its day 2 ft  to 4 ft intermedate surfs above experenced surfers